Stream Energy is a massive company provider of energy to the residents both for commercial and domestic usage. The company was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. The company has predictable as well as flexible electric and natural supply of gas to their customers or consumers. Stream Company has been a provider for over six states in the United States including Texas and has recently moved to their headquarters to Dallas. Stream Energy operates within Georgia, Illinois, Washington D.C. Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Stream Energy is quite affordable, and its rates and charges depend on the locality of a particular resident. It also offers affordable and renewable clean energy plans for its users.

Stream Energy Patch has started to venture in the philanthropic sphere by creating Stream Cares foundation. This Charity Foundation has been ongoing for at least a decade now. After the Hurricane Harvey struck, a natural calamity that has caused many distractions to locals living in Dallas as well as Houston. Stream Cares helped the people free of charge who were left homeless children, provision of clothes. This has been made possible through collaboration with Hope Supply Co. Being philanthropic has been the key target in driving corporate social responsibility that is according to the company Associates hence the need for a charity foundation by Stream Energy.

Stream cares proven to be of fundamental help, and that Stream Company has seen the foundation through in terms of finance and the direct sales to their respective, and prospective clients they get from their products has made that possible. In accordance with, Stream cares were involved in the rescue of the Texas Tornado in 2016. Lives were saved on that day, and the foundation made an impact in the restoration of hope. Stream Energy has and will persistently continue to spread the philanthropic deeds to the rest of the world that have been faced by natural disasters as well. Their presence in Texas and Dallas are just a clear indication of how Stream Company is willing to invest in saving lives.

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