With the holiday season already underway, limited edition seasonal items are making their way onto store shelves and into online catalogs. Bright packaging and festive holiday scents make shopping a fun sensory experience for just about everybody. One of the most delightful holiday beauty gift sets at Target are the EOS Holiday Limited Edition Lip Balms. Without fail each year, EOS delivers unique and colorful beauty products that not only smell great but are also soothing for the skin.

This year, EOS introduced six new limited-edition scents to their lip balm line, four of which are available in twin gift sets. The first set includes the unscented but ultra-hydrating Visibly Soft Pure Hydration. This is the perfect choice for the sensitive lips after a rough winter day. Paired with the Visibly Soft Pure Hydration is the scented Sugarplum. Although surprisingly not overly fruity, the Sugarplum is more about the sugar than the plum, giving off the unexpected scent of a sugared toffee candy.

The second box set is significantly more exciting to open. The two scents, Cranberry Pear and Fireside Chai, both sound extremely promising. If pear is a favorite scent, then Cranberry Pear will be a delight to wear. Heavier on the pear but light on the cranberry, the Cranberry Pear is a reminder that the holiday is just around the corner. Saving the best for last, Fireside Chai is the scent everybody is eager to try. Sure enough, it tastes and smells just like a cup of a delicious spiced Chai tea.

In addition to these four scents, two additional flavors sold singly are available at Target: Fresh Snow and Pomegranate Raspberry.

Looking back at EOS’s range of lip balms, it is clear they have something for everybody. Their limited edition scents this year are definitely worth collecting.

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