The Seattle Genetics is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the state of Washington. The company is known for manufacturing drugs that provide treatment for certain fatal diseases. The company was founded in 1988, and since its establishment, Clay Siegall stood as the chief executive officer. He stated that the reason why he established the Seattle Genetics is for him to provide an affordable and effective treatment for people who are suffering from cancer and other related diseases. For around 30 years, he effectively led the company which made it one of the most competitive pharmaceutical companies in the country. His life also transformed thanks to the success of the Seattle Genetics, and he is now considered as a pharmaceutical magnate. His next target for the company would be promoting it on a national scale and developing it to become one of the largest pharmaceutical businesses in the United States.

Clay Siegall stated that the success of Seattle Genetics is partly due to the contribution of the scientists that the company hired. He also revealed that they are eager to fight diseases like cancer, and the scientists employed by the company have a lot of knowledge about chemicals, and they managed to formulate the treatment needed for the patients. One of the most well-known products from Seattle Genetics would be Adcetris. The drug is used to treat patients who have Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer attacking the body’s lymphatic system. It would be fatal if left untreated, as the cancer cells could spread all over the body. The FDA has approved the drug, and Seattle Genetics has been distributing it to a lot of drug stores all over the country.

Aside from Adcetris, Clay Siegall revealed that there are also three other drugs that are being tested inside their laboratories – 33A, 22ME, and LIV1. These drugs are created to combat myeloid leukemia, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. If the drugs have shown their effectivity, it will bring a lot of changes to people who are suffering from these diseases in the present. As news about the development of these drugs reaches the investors, the share price of Seattle Genetics rise. From $20 per share, the company is now valued at $66 per share, and it is expected to rise in the coming years.

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