The foodservice industry is full of competition. This specific industry is basically fueling society because everyone has to eat. Did you know that a high-majority of restaurants and grocery stores do not posses their own agricultural farms? This means that these food retailors depend on the vital products and services of professional food providers. One of the top food providers on earth is OSI Industries, and it has laid a blueprint of success for all others to follow. OSI Industries was never expected to literally get this big. At one point in time, it was just a corner butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois. Thanks to applying great customer services as well as supplying wonderful products, OSI was able to make a name for itself in a short period of time.

At the turn of the 20th century, America was bombarded with foreign immigrants that came from all around the world. The city of Chicago just so happened to be a stopping point for German-immigrants. These people came in by the thousands, and they played a major role in fueling the economy. The owner and founder of OSI Industries just so happened to be one of those German-immigrants. Research and development is a high-priority here. All of the foods that the company serves are well-researched, and they have passed all safety protocols. Keeping the customers safe is a top-priority. OSI Industries has a number of facilities both home and abroad. In the United States alone, this company has facilities in Utah, California, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Custom-food solutions is another fine aspect of OSI as this company can turn an idea into a reality. Each client will work directly with OSI’s food development team, which will potentially help in building the best possible product. OSI Industries is simply rewriting the books on the proper way to conduct and grow a business from the ground-up.

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