Memories…Do Not Album is the name of The Chainsmokers’ debut album. The album boasts a list of chart topping hits. Their album Memories…Do Not Open was released over a year ago and is still a hit amongst fans. The song has done so well, Do Not Open has been on the charts for the longest stretch of all time. The album is at number one on the Billboard list of Top Dance/ Electronic Albums. This chart is used to measure and monitor records that are categorized as EDM and dance music. From the looks of it, the album will most likely keep up this high momentum.

The Chainsmokers have had one of the best years of their career. For the past year, this electronic music duo have been unstoppable. The market is growing with more additions of artists and groups in the EDM category. For example, Odessa, Above and Beyond, Kygo and William Control are stepping into the market. Even Avicii, an EDM veteran, had his music come back on scene after his death. Even with the market starting to become flooded with more competition, The Chainsmokers show no signs of worry. Climbing to the top of the charts is what this group naturally just does. Right now, the group lives at number one on the charts, solidifying their presence.

The Chainsmokers consist of bandmates Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The two djs got there start working in music in the New York City music scene. Their journey to stardom was not easy. But their talent and love for their craft allowed them to reach success. The two were introduced by a music manager. This music manager would go onto manage The Chainsmokers today. The two djs began to work very hard on producing and writing music once they had met. They worked in Alex Pall’s NYC apartment. Drew Taggart moved down from Maine to pursue music full time. Eventually, the two began to make hits that got radio plays. Now their music is at the top of Billboard’s charts. They have future plans of creating more music for fans.

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