Affiliate Dork’s recent article “Talk Fusion & Bob Reina: A Team Committed to a Better World” written by Brandon Ferguson, dives into the philosophy of the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. Bob Reina begins each day with his mindset philosophy, “I will”. The simple phrase is what has allowed him to put his life into action. He feels it is one of the most important phrases in the English language because it allows a person to go from passive to active. He is ceaselessly moving forward and hopes to bring others with him. He discovered his team at Talk Fusion in a similar way, by understanding the strengths of each person while also understanding where they need help from others. Reina feels that is the importance of a team, it allows people to do what they are good at while also helping others, all while getting things done.


Aside from his career in network marketing, Reina is a dedicated philanthropist. He feels there are two different philosophies when it comes to giving back. The first is a person who wants to remain anonymous and simply give. The other wants to use a public profile for the benefit of the cause. Mr. Reina falls into the second category. He prefers to use his public profile to encourage others to give their effort, time, and money to causes that desperately need them. He responds that it simply suits his strengths, allowing him to meet a variety of people while understanding different walks of life.


Yet, Mr. Reina seeks to give back in a variety of ways. He also likes to spend his time inspiring people. He understands that a huge key to success isn’t just time management, but managing one’s mindset. It goes back to the simple mantra of “I will” which reveals a mindset of action. However, Reina reveals that if he wakes up with the mindset of “I can’t,” he simply won’t get anything done. Though he would be capable of doing the work, he would not be as engaged or involved in the work.


Reina also suggests that charity and business can often go hand in hand. He started the business to help people, just as he gives to help people. He understands that when people feel supported and safe in their career, it allows them to give back to their community more.


Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a network marketing company that teaches clients how to do video and online marketing. He is also a dedicated philanthropist in his community, donating more than $1 million to local charities and causes.

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  1. Nayeli Antoine Author

    Whoever thinks of the impact of management in the way that Bob has dealt with the technology has to see it in the right lens. Obvious attention to will definitely change so much as well and I think just like many other leaders. It is not hard to do what you have passion for and what is really making you get along with everyday preciously.


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