In early February 2018, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter to predict that the stock market would continue to drop after one of the most stomach-dropping dips it had taken in recent history. In fact, he feels that it will go down another aggregate 6,000 points in the calendar year. Not only does he feel that the stock market will crash, but he feels that the entire financial system in the United States is teetering on destruction.


Last time that Shervin Pishevar sent anything out on Twitter was in December 2018 when he said he would be resigning from Sherpa Capital. This is a venture capital fund that he co-founded. This fund invested in major companies like Airbnb and Uber. Shervin Pishevar not only predicted an ominous future for the US stock market, but he had negative predictions for big US companies and the overall system in the United States. He sent out 50 points in a tweet storm that expressed his concern for the entire system.

Toward the end of the Twitter storm, Shervin Pishevar mentioned that giant companies in the United States, like Microsoft and Apple, are built on monopoly frameworks. He feels that they should fall because this is the way that evolution works. It seems that Shervin Pishevar feels there is a collective blind eye to the power that these giants have.


Shervin Pishevar got his start in the Silicon Valley area. In his tweet storm, he mentioned that the idea of Silicon Valley is an idea that has gone viral. He feels that entrepreneurship is a movement that is borderless. He gave the example of a group of individuals in China who were able to build a train station in just nine hours. Talented individuals from around the world no longer need to come to the United States to fulfill their dreams. While this may be good for other countries, it is not something that is good for the US economy.


Pishevar says there is a small bit of hope for certain companies that will do good. He specifically mentions SpaceX and Virgin Hyperloop One. However, he helped to start the latter, so this may be taken with a grain of salt.

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