In the Summer of 2016, The Chainsmokers released what is possibly their biggest song ever, “Closer.” To this day, the video has racked up over 2 billion views alone on YouTube. The song is a duet performed by Andrew Taggart and Halsey. It is about the perspective of two young individuals in love, who have just started a life together.

This hit song was preceded by songs such as “Roses,” “Paris,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

After the release of “Closer,” Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the two members of The Chainsmokers sat down with Interview Magazine to discuss the song and what the future holds for The Chainsmokers.

The interviewer began at the beginning of Pall and Taggart’s professional relationship, asking them how they were introduced to each other. “I was a DJ growing up,” Alex Pall explained. “It was more just side work that I was really passionate about[…]I relized that dance music was consuming my life.” Pall then explained that he and Taggart were introduced to each other by Pall’s manager, a mutual contact between the two.

Andrew Taggart was in college at the time, but drove down to New York City from Maine in order to meet Pall.

Alex Pall was confident in Taggart’s abilities from the start. He explained to the interviewer that they were both aware of what each other brought to the table. “When we talked, it was mostly about what we liked musically and what we were into growing up.” Things escalated from there. The conversations between the duo moved to more modern artists, how they were making it big, and how they could make a mark on the music industry. It wasn’t long until the duo were working together from nine in the morning until seven at night, in the studio, writing and producing music.

“Closer” is a unique song in their catalog. This song marks the first time one of The Chainsmokers have sang on one of their own records; Andrew Taggart has taken his place as front man of the group, and will be providing the vocals for many songs moving forward. They cite the reason for this change as awkward live shows. Normally, when The Chainsmokers perform they are producing music live, but the vocals of the songs are played through speakers. This was due to the fact that all of The Chainsmokers songs featured a guest vocalist. These artists obviously couldn’t accompany The Chainsmokers to every show they do.

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