Most businesses in the US compete fairly and legally for customers yet, there are some bad apples. In the outrageously frivolous case of Nutrition Distribution versus Enhanced Athlete, the bad apple (Nutrition Distribution) tried to shakedown a legitimate business all for money and was sent home by the judge to lick their wounds.


The Target For The Shakedown


Enhanced Athlete is a popular and successful nutrition company that has two complementary sister companies, Enhanced Gear which sells workout apparel and accessories and Enhanced Coaching which provides professional fitness coaching for customers wanting to get leaner and add muscle. With this level of success in mind it is understandable how Enhanced Athlete could become a target especially when Nutrition Distribution admits it’s sales and revenues have been falling.


However, what is not understandable is why Nutrition Distribution chose to actually file dozens of lawsuits against dozens of companies blaming industry competitors for their lack of sales. Rather than invest in their failing company to turn things around or shut the company down, Nutrition Distribution chose to lash out at dozens of legitimate and successful competitors by filing frivolous lawsuits and settling cases out of court whenever they could. While wrong in a few different ways, filing dozens of frivolous or malicious lawsuits apparently worked in Nutrition Distribution’s favor because some companies paid them to settle the cases to avoid paying even higher legal fees to fight them.


Nutrition Distribution had no proof to offer the court to show that what they claimed was true or that they suffered any ill effects caused by Enhanced Nutrition because the claims were false. After suffering this loss one can only hope that Nutrition Distribution and companies like them will stop this behavior and actually compete for customers or close up shop. This malicious case should serve as a cautionary tale for any other company considering the same abuse of process.


Getting Back To Business


When Enhanced Athlete chose to fight, they won, putting to ease the fears of company staff and it’s sister companies Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. But possibly more important, Enhanced Athlete showed that other legitimate companies who are victims of this type of behavior can fight and can win.

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