This will include information over Dr. SaadSaad. It will recap an interview he participated in and later on will provide general information. The Dr. recently retired after a career in medicine lasting forty-seven years. From all those years he has left legacy consisting of service, sacrifice, and innovation as well. For example, all of his children became professionals that were given a lot of education and prospered.


The Doctor was born in the country of Palestine. This was at a moment in the history of the world where the region went through changes that were both dramatic and rapid. He was born in the end of the 1940s which was the time where Israel was created. This meant for many Palestinian who were native to the region to move. Then, the Doctor and his family went to the West Bank and never were able to go back to their home again. His father who worked as a skilled petroleum mechanic caught up to them after paying a lot of money to a boat owner in order to see his family. Learn more:


Dr. Saad decided what his career would be in the country of Kuwait in late 1960s. Backing up earlier in that decade he went to a construction site with his brother and after time in the hot sun he was feeling sick and then fainted and became unconscious. He got a stroke from that. He came to the conclusion that doing jobs outside wasn’t for him. In the end of the 60s Kuwait’s only place that was always air conditioned was the operating room. It was that fact that made him want to be a pediatric surgeon. Actually, it was his father who wanted him to go through a career that would take years of education to complete. Also, he created a personal goal to work in an environment that would make people feel comfortable. He succeeded this by graduating with honors as the salutatorian.


The Doctor has two life lessons he gave in the interview. The first is “Don’t Accept Anything But The Success You Seek”. The second is to “Never Wait Until Tomorrow To Accomplish A Task You can Complete Today”. Also, advice he would give his younger self that insisting on your goals can make them possible.

Now some general information on the Doctor as well as his practice. The Doctor is located most of the time in Eatontown, New Jersey. He also has other offices which are, for example, located in the New Jersey areas of Eatontown and Forked River. He attended the Cairo University School of Medicine from the Cairo University School of Medicine. Also, he has a specialization in Surgery.


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