When it comes to architecture, very few people can claim the award for professionalism in what they do. Robert Ivy is one of those few architects. He has several accolades attributed to his success in the architecture industry. His academic journey began at the University of the South where he undertook a degree in Arts. He later went to the Tulane University where he studied his Masters in Architecture.

His architecture career journey began in the year 1996, where he became the Architectural record’s editor in chief. He later started scaling higher and higher in his architecture career journey until his recent leadership role as the CEO and Executive Vice President of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). The AIA is a dynamic network of professionals who are committed to enhancing the built environment. It was founded in 1857 and was established with the focus on developing and improving the sector of architecture. Members of the American Institute of Architects will receive a wide range of benefits. They also holds annual seminar for their members.

He also plays a huge role when it comes to blogging about structural issues and how they affect the world and the public. His blog deals with the different aspects of how to improve architecture for it to influence the public’s health in a better way. Some of the posts on his blog include designing the new foundations that will enhance public health among others.

Knowing his architecture background, reading his blogs offer you a different perspective on his life outside his career. For instance, the title of his blog architecture of health is different from what any reader that knows his profession would expect. The blog talks about the various problems, which arise due to frequenting fast food joints too much.

In this blog posts, he focusses on the health crisis in America and how architects are working with the health industry to help change this perspective. His solutions to the health problems include not only the public health providers but architects as well. The post encourages the health experts to team up with architects to work out the issues of America’s health.

Another post in his blog issue is the design when it comes to public health. He talks about how essential good plan is when it comes to the public’s health. He explains how architects can work together with public officers to ensure they design buildings that improve the public’s health. This blog issue is informative in that it offers light to the challenges Americans face when it comes to the design of a building.

For instance, the inclusion of the use of stairs could help the public since it is an effective exercise mode. He cites how when we engage in movement; our bodies also increase their well-being. Finally, there is the healthy choice of living and the design cure for what troubles you. Every blog post he writes takes a different dynamic from what conventional architects think.

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