Ronald Fowlkes is a highly influential personality in the American law enforcement industry as the co-owner and Business Development Director of FirstSpear, a tactical equipment and law enforcement firm in the country. He was part of the U.S. Marine force after graduating from Army Jump School and later collaborated with the SWAT group of St. Louis Police Department. Altogether, he comes with two decades of experience in making highest quality gears for officers in the armed services. Before co-owning FirstSpear, Fowlkes collaborated with ITW as BDM with responsibilities of product sales. He also worked with Eagle Industries in similar roles.


While coming to the leadership of FirstSpear, Fowlkes says that he used its products while he was working as part of Marine Corps. Later, when he joined SWAT, he used it once again, and he wanted to know more about it. Since the firm was based in his hometown, a collaboration was easy for Fowlkes. Currently, he is extremely happy to represent the firm and says that it participates numerous marketing activities along with getting business from the field. The group also works for state and local enforcement units and even collaborated with DOD. Fowlkes says that the firm is working on a vision of making high-quality American products, which makes the firm getting repeated business as well as happy customers.


Ronald Fowlkes is passionate about sports and its developments around the globe. Recently, he was euphoric to share the news of the decision of North Korea and South Korea to come up with a joint women’s hockey team for 2018 Olympics. He said that it was a big surprise and expressed his hope that it would light the tensions arose between both the countries, especially after the aggressive stance of North Korea in the recent months. Interestingly, the announcement is optimistically viewed by people around the world as an opportunity to resolve the war developments in the region. Fowlkes noted that the hockey fans were happy with the development as it gave positive publicity and significant attention to the upcoming games.


As part of the joint team efforts, North Korea made a request to the organizers of Olympics to expand the total team strength from 23 to 30. With that, seven hockey players from South Korea will join the North Korean team. However, Fowlkes thinks that the social and cultural differences of the athletes from both the countries can create serious challenges to work together, especially due to unexpected and strained circumstances. He also doubts about the morale of South Korean players who do not get the chance to play in the final team. However, he is hopeful that the women hockey would get more attention this time, which is good for the sport that was not getting enough international recognition for long.



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