Desiree Perez is the chief operating officer of Roc Nation. She is involved in all levels of this music industry firm including signing new artists and handling the company’s negotiations with other companies in the industry. She has also run SC Enterprises for over 20 years where she has been very successful as an executive.

Tidal is Jay-Z’s online music app. It was having a very difficult time going up against the big players in the business when it was released such as Apple, Google, and Amazon. The company went through three chief executive officers in short order and it seemed like the writing was on the wall. However, Desiree Perez entered the picture and used her business acumen to right the ship. Her first move involved signing some of music’s biggest names to contracts where they would release some of their music exclusively on Tidal. Desiree Perez signed T.I., Rihanna, Kanye West, and BeyoncĂ© to this type of deal. This caused the Tidal app to surge up the charts of the most downloaded apps on the Apple App Store and around 1 million people signing up for the free trial.

Desiree Perez also changed up how the Tidal app works in order to drive further subscriptions and help people find new artists to listen to. The app now has three categories, Tidal Rising, Tidal Discovery, and Tidal X. Tidal Rising is where people can find new artists to listen to. Desiree Perez created Tidal Discovery which provides new releases by established musicians that is curated. Tidal X features live performances that can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s said that Desiree Perez is very skilled at negotiating business contracts with others. Helping her out is that she can calculate numbers in her head very swiftly. She has been called one of the strongest members of Jay-Z’s business team.

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