A recent article entitled, “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter” published on the NYTimes.com discusses the other side of the public, and very poised, leader. Contrary to popular belief, DeVos is not content to be Secretary of Education in name only. She is constantly on the front lines campaigning for her causes and working towards a better future for her students. In fact, the article discusses DeVos’ campaign to prevent the eradication of a recent federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms within their schools that they identified with. Even though she did not prevail, she did take it upon herself to personally warn employees and state her public resistance to the move.


This is not the only time that DeVos has been willing to put herself out there for what she believes in. She has been a crusader for the education system for many years in her native Michigan. One of DeVos’ main causes is the advancement of charter schools and the delegation of more resources to their programs. While in Michigan she even served on various committees that dedicated themselves to the notion of school choice. These organizations included the Alliance for School Choice, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and the Acton Institute. It is her work through these organizations, and as a Michigan Republican Party chairwoman, that earned her a formidable reputation. She is a political fighter in every sense of the word.


Even though DeVos did not get the outcome that she wanted with the transgender students, many expect her to grow into her position quite nicely. She has shown throughout much of her career that she is not content to merely stand by, this position will not change that mentality. In fact, Michigan, her home state has one of the highest concentrations of charter schools. She has waged a campaign to fight against the Detroit Public School system because of how strongly she holds on to her beliefs. She wants to change the way that the education is seen. Her campaign is not one against public schools but against poor education. She sees a disconnect in the education system that has created a situation where public schools are not up to par. DeVos even admits that charter schools are not performing as well as some of their international counterparts. Therefore, DeVos fights so hard, and she will use her position to mobilize even further against poor education. Learn more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/23/us/politics/education-secretary-betsy-devos-donald-trump.html

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