Fast-casual dining has certainly become more prominent over recent years, and Nathaniel Ru has certainly done his part to help with this increase by being a co-founder of Sweetgreen. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

That is a franchise that specializes in top-line salads with 77 stores now in operation, but the real innovation is that it is not just about the food, but also there is a philanthropy and technology push that set his brainchild apart from much of the competition in that space. Forbes recognized him as a leader and one of the top “30 under 30,” and that has to be a solid accolade.

Georgetown University is where he excelled along with other shining classmates Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme, and together they wanted to create a franchise that brought more healthy eating options to the people.

Their collective sentiment was that there just were not enough places to find healthy options, and so Sweetgreen is backed by a mission to bring good food to the people. Their familial business background has been brought to the forefront in other ways as well. For one, Nathaniel Ru and his partners strive to create a franchise that is not solely dependent on some centralized headquarters to dispense the policy that they are required to follow.

It is all about decentralization, and there are regulations such as making corporate employees work at an actual restaurant location during certain weeks throughout the year so that they have the inside knowledge of how things are progressing.

This hands-on approach even extends to the CEOs who make it a point to work at both coasts so that they are able to meet the daily challenges of store management and employees with their own firsthand knowledge. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

The Sweetgreen health restaurant chain is continuing to grow, and they feel that it is important to hold onto that truly nationwide perspective.

That is certainly a difference from many of the common franchise management that can be found in much of the fast food and casual dining options today where it seems like many in the offices could care less how things are going on the restaurant floor.

Nathaniel Ru has been an example of how to become a success, and he is welcomed into many speaking venues for his insight on how to do just that. He says that it is about embracing something bigger than yourself, and then growing a brand that lasts is second nature.

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