When 20% of the e-commerce fashion industry is under the thumb of Amazon, succeeding in the world of fashion is no cakewalk. The fashion marketplace is full of subtle nuances and the Fabletics of Kate Hudson is proving itself a force to be reckoned with. Growing a $250 million business in three years, Kate Hudson is no stranger to success.


Whereas fashion counterparts are being weeded out of the marketplace by showrooming, Fabletics takes an approach that actually embraces the practice. In retail, people tend to walk around stores and browse for styles they like but often leave empty handed. Once shoppers get home, they continue to browse online for lower prices (often landing in the territory of Amazon). This practice has been cutting into retailers’ profits for years. With the inception of Fabletics, Kate Hudson decided on an approach that embraces the practice and allows her shoppers an opportunity to browse the internet for her styles and browse in store to check the fit. The impact of the low-pressure approach has been astounding. Their strategy enables them to build relationships, be relied on and get to know the local markets during activities and stage events centered around customer interests. This all serves to draw more interest in Fabletics, who could have gone into the pop-up shop path as so many other retailers have opted to do.


Kate Hudson builds great relationships with her shoppers both online and in-store. Fabletics takes a customer-centric engaging approach. As a result, 30-50% of those that walk through the door are already members. When one of the Fabletics members goes into a store and tries on an item, it’s instantly added to her shopping cart. Whether or not she buys then and there it remains in her cart until removed. Fabletics doesn’t care how a customer purchases something, their main focus lies in the customer’s overall experience.


When you sign up for a membership with Fabletics, you’re given a choice every month to renew membership or skip a month. On the first night of a new month they will automatically ship your new outfits designed to fit your personal lifestyle. Everything is affordable and comes with free shipping. Kate Hudson diversifies Fabletic styles every season so there is a cute outfit for every occasion. To personalize your style and get monthly outfits handpicked by Fabletics, just take a quick lifestyle quiz. It’s super fun and simple! Try it, it’s totally worth it!

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  1. Braelyn Carson Author

    It’s no more a matter of giant but now of choice and quality. No doubt that Amazon still controls more than 20% of e-commerce fashion, basic mindfulness meditation have shown that people now turn to Fabletics instead of Amazon. I believe this is really giving Amazon a concern but Fabletics continue to win the hearts of her customers with quality atleisure wears.


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