Banking and finance is one of the most critical sectors in every country. It is through great counsel that individuals, businesses and countries are able to remain firm despite fluctuations in the world’s economy. For the sector to continue playing its role successfully, all the players must have be ardent experts and have high levels of professionalism. Also, having a passion for the industry is one of the many values that experts in this field must have. Mike Baur, is one of the successful experts in the business based in Switzerland.



Mike Baur began his successful journey as an apprentice for Union Bank of Switzerland, commonly known as UBS. As an apprentice, his work was basically to learn from the experts and do as he was told. At sixteen, with a sharp mind and heart full of determination, he had a strong conviction that he was going to conquer whatever that came his way. His energy was soon realized and from there he got one promotion after another and at one time he was made one of the executive financial advisors at the bank.



With the spirit of adventure and a yearning for knowledge, he joined the Clariden Leu in 2008 where he worked for six years. During his tenure here, he formed strong relations with his clients. He also learned the art of listening and had a strong longing for helping those that needed his help. Together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, both alumni of the University of Bern, he started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.



The Swiss Startup Factory was began to offer young ambitious and talented entrepreneurs with a platform to enable them reach their goals. The company provides young business people with the necessary tools of trade, counsel and funds for them to start up their business especially in the tech sector. Through this venture, Mike and his partners implement their company’s mission which is to help startups. In addition, Mike Baur takes part in Pitch Contest. The Pitch Contest provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and ideas. The winners are recognized and introduced to a variety of like mined business people and also investors.



In the spirit of diversification, Mike has also established Think Reloaded, a firm that is dedicated to provide expertise counsel to their clients. He has since led Swiss Startup Factory to lucrative partnerships with BV4, which has seen the company ranked position one Accelerator Startup in the country.



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