As a fervent supporter of school choice reform, the Secretary of Education has become widely known for her support of reforms to the American public school system. For years, DeVos has been a champion of the school choice movement in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her appointment to the United States cabinet has caused DeVos to understand the importance of school choice reform to an even greater degree and the former leader of the Michigan Education Reform program has announced her intentions to implement school choice policies in mainstream American public schools. To help citizens of the country who are reluctant to include school choice reform in the American school system, DeVos discussed the positive effects that these reform measures have already had in certain states. Read more about their foundation at

In her national address, Betsy DeVos listed Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Mississippi, Nevada, and Tennessee as states that have been positively affected by the national push to expand school choice in American public schools. These states have all implemented versions of a school choice voucher program designed by the Secretary of Education to help low-income families to gain access to quality educational systems. The school choice vouchers can be used to pay for the tuition at private schools and charter schools. The voucher system has significantly impacted the ability of families of all backgrounds to attain beneficial educational resources.

Betsy DeVos also discussed the impact of school choice referendums on the state-available scholarships and grants for publicly educated students. These scholarships have typically been available only as the result of a merit-based qualification process. By implementing school choice policies, legislators have allowed a larger percentage of public school students to receive federally mandated money towards the betterment of their education.

The ramifications of these school choice referendums have been enormous. Since the inaction of these policies, the previously mentioned states have seen a drastic improvement in the success and high school graduation rates of affected communities. The Secretary of Education announced that she was pleased with the results these states have attained through the introduction of school choice reform policies and hoped to see further progress in the days to come. Betsy DeVos has been a champion for public school students since her days as the leader of a nationally renowned education program in Grand Rapids. DeVos’ many contributions to similar programs have caused her to become one of the Republican party’s most sought after voices in the educational movement. To date, Betsy DeVos has given over 11 million dollars to resources to initiate public school reform. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

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    Betsy DeVos, the present Secretary of Education for the Donald J. Trump organization, as of late partook in a question and answer session where she examined the positive effect that school decision change has just had on a few states in the country. This is simply the best way superior paper can do these things without coming out with a whole lot of opposition from them.


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