When you work in a very dangerous prison, you need all the help you can get to maintain a safe working environment. These inmates are in that jail around the clock, so they see everything and they are always looking for weakness in the system to exploit. That means if me and my fellow officers are not on our game every second, we could all be injured seriously in the blink of an eye.


Monitoring how the inmates and visitors interact is one of the keys to keeping the officers safe. When we do daily body searches and put the visitors through x-ray machines, we are able to eliminate most of the contraband coming into the jail. It only takes one mistake on our part and the inmates have a huge advantage. If we were to miss one of these transfers, then every person inside the jail is now at risk of getting injured.


When Securus Technologies was contacted to upgrade the telephone communication system for the inmates, we had no idea at the time it would be another valuable resource in our efforts to keep the prison safe. Securus Technologies is responsible for installing monitoring systems in over two thousand jails around the country, and that Dallas-based company has 1,000 employees all working towards one goal of making this world that much safer. CEO Rick Smith has been instrumental in making the inside of a jail safer for inmates, officers, and all visitors too.


My team was brought up to speed on using the LBS software, and days later we had some incredible hits on the monitoring system. On one call we discovered how inmates were hiding drugs inside their cells. Another call revealed inmates being ordered by top-rank gang members to sell prescription medicine to other inmates. We were even able to discover which inmates were meeting certain visitors are getting things like cellphones and cocaine.


The best part about using the new call system is we can still keep a heavy presence of officers around the jail because the software is doing the work of several officers. Now we are able to pick up specific chatter and disperse a team to that location to fix the situation before it becomes a real problem in the jail. Our effort to make the jail safer is now that much easier working with the Securus Technologies call monitoring system working for us.


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  1. Estella Gianni Author

    Inmates are capable to inflict injuries on who ever they perceived as an enemy. This has really made it difficult for prisons officers as they could be attacked at the slightest opportunity. However, with check, things has however taken a different dimension as the prisons officers are able to avert most of the contraband goods coming into the prisons. This was made possible with the help of Securus Technologies who installed inmates communication systems which would be able to monitor inmate’s calls. With this development, the prison officers now get first hand information of any illigalities in the correctional facilities.


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