James Tananbaum, popularly known as Jim, is a medical expert. He has deep interests in investing and managing companies within the healthcare space in the United States. In his entire investment career, Tananbaum has been involved with over 20 healthcare companies as either an owner or a partner; some of them include Jazz Pharmaceuticals, GelTex Pharmaceuticals, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Jim set up Foresite Capital Management in 2010 where he is the pioneer and current CEO and managing director. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Jim’s Academic Journey

Jim enrolled in Yale University for his first-degree program in 1981. He pursued and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1985, with a specialty in mathematics and computer science. In the same year he graduated, he enrolled for two degrees simultaneously: one at Harvard Medical School and the other at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The two degrees run concurrently, and in 1989, Jim graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from the former and an M.S., HST in Information Technology from the latter. Jim’s impressive academic journey did not end there. He went back to Harvard in 1989 and pursued an MBA at the university’s business school, graduating in 1991.

Jim’s Investment Career

GelTex was Jim’s first venture after a decade of academic excellence. As the company’s CEO, and later a board member, he helped GelTex to grow to over $1.6 billion within six years. Genzyme acquired the company in 1997. Jim joined Sierra Ventures, a firm which invested in the healthcare industry, in 2003 as a partner. Before leaving in 1997, the company had made investments in Amerigroup, Careselect, and Novamed among several others.

Upon leaving Sierra Ventures, Jim co-founded Theravance and served as its CEO for three years. In 2001, he co-founded Prospect Venture Partners. For the nine years Jim served as the company’s managing director, he had led it to make investments to the tune of a billion dollars in the healthcare sector. It was after leaving Prospect Venture Partners that he founded Foresite Capital.

Forbes’ Midas List

For three years running from 2015, Jim has appeared on Forbes’ Midas List of Top Tech Investors, ranking 52nd this year. This has been in recognition of Jim’s impressive investment ventures in leading healthcare companies.

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