There are many things that are appealing about beauty and skincare industry newcomer Evolution of Smooth. For instance the company has a refreshing approach to a very nondescript beauty product (i.e. lip balm), it is a company that largely caters to the beauty interests of young women and it is an example of what it means to enter an industry that has been around for decades as an underdog and to end up an industry leader.

When Evolution of Smooth first got its start in the market it ended up having a little bit of trouble convincing retailers to take a chance on it. The round, vividly-colored balls that it is known for (also known as organic smooth spheres) were not the easiest sell at first. According to business publication Fast Company magazine retailers were somewhat wary in taking a chance on it. But after the company was able to land a sale with a ubiquitous drugstore chain its product began to catch on. Fast Company noted that buyers for Racked retailers thought that customers would not break away from more recognizable beauty brands that were selling more conventional lip balm but that train of thought ended up being the furthest thing from the truth.

The concept of lip balm being sold and applied via a tube had not been changed in a hundred years. Arguably the lip balm industry was long overdue for disruption and change and Evolution of Smooth ended up being the right company to lead that change. According to Fast Company the sales of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm ( have surpassed the sales of much older companies and brands that produce lip balm products that consumers have been using for far longer such as Blistex and Chapstick. EOS lip balm has proven to the industry that opting for innovation and adding a little fun to the world of lip balm can pay huge dividends to anyone that is willing to take that risk.

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