End Citizens United is a committee that was formed on 1st March 2015. The primary goal of creating the agency was to restore sanity in the American electoral finance system. We know that they do so by pushing for nullification of the Supreme Court’s decision, which was made in 2010. That decision tended to favor the billionaires who think of corrupting the election system. Most of them have been spending untraceable money, something that has affected the transparency of the election system. The Koch brothers and some corporations are among those on the verge of completely corrupting the American elections. The agency gets funded by the grassroots donors and other remarkable Democrats.


End Citizens United Collects $4 Million as They Prospect to Hike to $35 million


As per the latest reports, the political action agency is out lobbying funds as they work towards driving out black money. The American political system has been saturated with big money that cannot be accounted for. For the first quarter of the year, the committee committed themselves to raising funds, where they garnered $4 million. The progress so far is great, and they are projecting to raise $35 million ahead of the Congress midterm elections. In those first three months, about 40,000 contributed to the development of the committee for the first time. That counted as a momentous upwelling as compared to PAC’s $25 million, which was taken during the 2016 elections. Tiffany Muller and the rest of the PAC leaders confidently highlight their primary goal as campaigning for reforms in the electoral finance sector.


Recent Progress Made by the Political Action Committee


Right now the committee is working towards collecting over $500,000. The funds are to be directed to the support of a Georgia-based first-time political contender, Jon Ossoff. They registered an incredible milestone that left many in awe. According to Muller, they are still evaluating the political circles. At least by 2018, they will have decided on the races to participate in. Either way, one thing they are confident about is that they will be defending the Republican Sens. They recognize that it was wrong for the Supreme Court to open the door to the unions and corporate funds candidate elections. Apart from upholding the endeavors to fight against the decision, they also ensure that the lawmakers are maintained on their toes.


Details Appertaining of Funding of End Citizens United’s Activities


What some of us may not know is that some regulations govern the agency. Majorly they operate as a traditional PAC. They, therefore, do not approve donations that go beyond $5,000 million from an individual. They fundraised aggressively in the previous year. Also, they have watchdogs who are always at work to enhance grassroots crusading over the collection of political funds.


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