When EOS first stepped on to the market, Chapsticks and Blistex took over the scene entirely and made the act of applying lip balm feel like a medical obligation as oppose to any sort of relief. There were very few scents and no flavors and they were all comprised of a clinical feel that was extremely off putting to most individuals who were looking to take care of keeping their lips soft. Then Craig Dubitsky stepped up the plate and hit a home run with his idea for a revolution through the Evolution Of Smooth, https://lipbalmcompany.com/products/eos-lip-balm.

Designing the small eggs to fit perfectly in the palm of one’s hand, Dubitsky chose to use pastel colors and a hands free application version of the bucket tanks of lip gloss that were at the time attracting customers for their theory but sending uncomfortable chills due to the unhygienic need for finger application. Craig Dubitsky then decided to utilize other engaging techniques in his design of the EOS Lip Balms in order to assure that the prime customer base of women would be inspired to buy from the line of unique lip balms.

Deciding that it was time to make lip balms into a sort of stylistic article of makeup instead of just another boring, clinical application he started to configure interesting scents and flavors that could captivate his audience and make them feel like their original personalities were being respected with fair choices to match their own characteristics. Today they are known on Lucky Vitamin for having some of the most original flavors of any other product on the market like Strawberry Sorbet and Honeysuckle Honeydew.

For more information, please visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

Try EOS: https://www.kohls.com/catalog/womens-eos-lip-balm-makeup-health-beauty.jsp?CN=Gender:Womens+Brand:eos+Product:Lip%20Balm+Category:Makeup+Department:Health%20%26%20Beauty

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    EOS Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balms shot up out of the ground on a hunch that personalization could conceivably make for the following enormous thing in the lip medicine industry. It is a great that is indeed and it a way in which assignmentmasters.co.uk and it is cool to do the needful which is a way for them to harness and it means something important.


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