Dick and Betsy DeVos have hit the headlines numerous times for their huge donations and philanthropic contributions. The lifetime charitable contributions by the DeVos family amount to almost $139 million. The issue of donations by the family has surfaced because Betsy DeVos is among the nominees for the position of U.S. Education Secretary. The couple has decided to unveil records of the millions that have been given away through the DeVos foundation.
Breaking Down the Donations
A report posted on the DeVos Foundation website shows that in 2015, the family gave out charitable contributions amounting to $11.6 million. This is twice the amount that Betsy DeVos has contributed for campaign donations in a period of five years. The DeVos dynasty has been a dominant force in Republican politics for many years, led by Amway co-founder, Rich DeVos (Dick’s father). The senior DeVos and his four adult children spent $104 million in donations for charity in 2015, a fete that saw the family come in at 24th place in Forbes’ list of America’s Top Givers. Using all the records provided by the DeVos family, Forbes concluded that their lifetime giving amounted to $1.33 billion or a quarter of their fortune.
Why Does the DeVos Family Contribute So Much?
The contributions by Dick and Betsy demonstrate that they value education. In 2015, the couple gave more than $3 million towards educational causes. This contribution accounted for 26% of their donations that year. The foundation further gave $357,000 to institutions that supported education reform. According to Dick DeVos, the spending by the couple shows their dedication towards improving education.
In 2013, the couple’s donations were mainly aimed at Michigan schools. The major beneficiaries were Ferris State University, Alma mater Northwood University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Rehoboth Christian School, and Detroit Charter School Company.
About Dick DeVos
Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard DeVos, one of the founders of the Amway Corporation. Dick started working at Amway Corporation in 1974. He held various positions in the company before being promoted to the vice president of the firms operations. In 1989, he moved out of the firm and started his own business, the Windquest Group, a firm involved with manufacturing and marketing of closet and storage organizers. In 1993, he went back to Amway Corporation as president. He restructured the company and changed its name to Alticor. In 2002, he retired from Alticor, and focused on his company, the Windquest group. In 2006, he joined the race for governor in Michigan and lost by a small margin. He is currently the president of the Windquest Group, and is also involved in political funding and charity donations.

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