Arthur Becker is an established tech investor. He has invested in different tech firms. Before he became an investor, he worked for numerous companies in top management positions. Some of the enterprises that have benefited from his services are Zinio, NaviSite, and Vera Wang Fashion Company. He joined tech investing in 2010 after the sale of NaviSite to Time Warner. Arthur is a managing member of Madison Partners LLC.

As a real estate and tech investor, Becker has been able to solve the numerous challenges facing entrepreneurs. Despite investing in condominium developments in Miami and New York City, he believes that he can invest in other entrepreneurs. Becker teamed up with other like-minded investors, and the group founded Madison Partners, LLC.

Bringing ideas to life is what makes an investor successful. For Arthur, his approach is unique. Since he is not an expert in design and construction, he prefers to work as a coordinator. He coordinates construction, marketing, design, entitlement, and financing functions. His team is made up of experts in their respective fields. These professionals ensure that every section of the project is efficient and productive. This information was mentioned on as outlined in this link:

Since becoming an investor, Becker’s has been able to handle other concerns. With the absence of conference calls and meetings, the former executive leader plans each of his days differently. Mostly, he visits his projects to ensure that they are on track and that the workers are doing what has been planned.

According to Becker, the biotech industry provides him with interesting trends. He is particularly interested in the developments in cancer treatment. Although the investor has no medical training, he has developed a deep interest in the field. Presently, he is looking at the many approaches that the industry is using to develop cancer therapies.

Lastly, Becker is a strong believer in passion, personal drive, and critical thinking. He says that the three principles are vital in ensuring that one becomes a productive entrepreneur. In addition, he uses his experience in entrepreneurship to identify wrong business moves and avoid them. This strategy has helped him to avert losses.



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