Bold colors have now become the in thing. Long gone are the days where most of us stuck to the usual hues of red, pink or beige just to fit in.


The more the color popped, the more intriguing you looked. Doe Deere, CEO and Founder of Lime Cosmetics, made her favorite color her dream and brand.


Doe believes women who have their own businesses are tough, uncompromising and pretty awesome.


She believes in dreaming big and is a very creative soul. Born in Russia, later moved to New York and now living in Los Angeles, Doe believes make up should make you feel beautiful and free.



Why Lime Crime Cosmetics?


I have always loved bold colors. Make up is a good way to express yourself freely and boldly. It can be used to identify with a mood or a feeling. Fashion and make up tend to go hand in hand.


I registered ‘limecrime’ in 2004 before properly launching Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008. Bold colors that gave the look a pop were rare to come by and I found them a necessity back in my sewing days when I had a DIY Fashion line. It was fun to know that I wasn’t the only one who loved unique bright colors.


What Sets Apart Lime Crime Cosmetics From The Rest?


I often try out the ideas myself before they get on production, making the Lime Crime experience authentic. We try to make everyone feel appreciated, from the customer, to the vendor. I also value the customer service department, they are able to keep our customers happy and content.


Our cosmetics are also cruelty free and vegan certified, making them quite user friendly for all.


Why An Internet Based Business?


We managed to establish an online presence when most cosmetic companies were mainly into physical presence to allow for customers to try out the numerous shades at the counter.

The immediate customer feedback allows us to work on fixing any issues immediately and makes us feel extremely connected to the customer.


Advice To Fellow Entrepreneurs


Trust your intuition and follow your ambition. Dreams can take you places. If you tune into something you are really passionate about, you’ll soon reach your peak potential. Be optimistic, even when taking on a challenge that you haven’t encountered previously. Explore your interest and work to provide only the best to your customers.

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